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We believe that smart technology allows people around the globe to be more productive and flexible at work. It promotes healthy growth and fun. That is why we come up with software solutions that put a smile on your face. Simple, affordable and more insight and control: our solutions eliminate middle managers and administrative functions. Enjoy the Meetroo way of working!

Meetroo. Work happy, live happy!

Software as a smile

We provide software to help organisations execute their business processes – in Finance, HR and Sales – more efficiently. Our software complements daily duties that rely on Microsoft Office 365 for desktop, web or mobile platforms.

Normally, these solutions will cost about 15 to 30.000 euros. We offer them for 1/10 of the price. Based on shared profit margin, our partners can resell our solutions and serve as primary contacts for customers.

This is what makes our customers happy.



Next to providing standardised online software, our partners are given the opportunity to develop custom made projects – dealing with SharePoint document management, electronic forms – in their own name.

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Lower price

The collaboration between Meetroo and its partners is based on profit sharing. Most of our services generate a 30% to 50% profit margin. This allows you to purchase packages for a much lower price than you are used to.

Creating a solution together

Meetroo products focus amongst others on finance, HR and sales solutions; standard solutions, which are easily accessible in any company. Every company is unique, that’s why we always look for solutions that fit our client’s expertise best.

Customer service

As a partner of Meetroo you will be the first in line to contact your client. Meetroo is available for backup support.



Profits for partners


  • A unique opportunity for recurring revenues, to enlarge your customer portfolio and make more money
  • Customer lifetime revenue
  • Improvement of your competitive position by selling real end-to-end solutions instead of single-point solutions
  • No investments are needed and there is a quick go-to-market
  • Standard products, including product updates and support
  • Fast implementation (< 1 day) based on Office 365 and SharePoint Online


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