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With Guidiance you can easily create learnings or use learnings from our experts. Distribute these learnings through a mobile or web app, chatbot, Microsoft Teams or through our API. Make sure everyone gets up to speed fast and works according to the latest best practices.  〉




Active employee engagement 

Meetroo and Guidiance believe that by actively suggesting (personalized) training resources to employees and by providing easy access to learning content, people will be triggered to learn new skills, leading to better educated and happier users.


Benefits for Employees: Benefits for MS Partners:
  • Get daily suggestions to improve your skills;
  • Super easy access to training content;
  • Increase personal and team performance. 
  • Create additional business value and revenue; 
  • Automate adoption and support processes;
  • More happy customers and end-users. 


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"Brilliant tools, e.g. for replicating local content to SharePoint Online! The assistance I received from Layer2 was outstanding. We are signing up as a partner and deploying to other clients using SharePoint Online."

Melanie Cook, Data Fast Systems Pty. Ltd




Solution Partner at Meetroo





Layer2 leading solutions is the market-leading provider of data integration and document synchronization solutions for the Microsoft Cloud, focusing on Office 365, SharePoint, and Azure. Over 200 regional implementation partners and more than 2.500 companies worldwide trust in Layer2 products to keep data and files in sync between 100+ systems and apps in the cloud and on-premises. Layer2 is also known as a reliable partner to customers in Germany, off erring IT consulting and implementation services for more than 25 years.  〉




Layer2 is powerful together with its partners – and for its partners. Speaking of partnership, Layer2 doesn't think of a one-way street:

  • Layer2 Partner Network for implementation partners, value-added resellers (VARs), and software dealers. 200+ members already and still growing.
  • No contract required. Completely cost-free.
  • 15% discount on production licenses for Layer2 Silver Partners, 30% discount for Gold Partners.
  • To get the maximum discount partners to have to promote the partnership and the products, e.g. on their website, with case studies, or other PR activities.
  • Partners can place discounted product orders for their customers using our online shop system. Simply enter your partner coupon code to receive your discounts. Please request the current codes on demand.
  • It is completely free of charge for Layer2 Gold Partners to use our solutions internally as NFR edition, for a product demo or within the intra-/ extranet or even on the Internet. Partners need to have a minimum sales volume per year for this option.
  • Free premium support with high priority and direct access to the product development team.
  • Free marketing and sales support, ready-to-use digital marketing material including flyers, presentations and evaluation downloads.
  • Free partnership on-boarding web meeting.
  • Free annual online meetings with the product management to discuss the current state of partnership, new product features, and sales opportunities



Solution partners

 Solution partners





Layer2 leading solutions is the market-leading provider of data integration and document synchronization solutions for the Microsoft Cloud, focusing on Office 365, SharePoint, and Azure.




Easily create and share learnings, make sure everyone gets trained, through a mobile or web app, chatbot, Microsoft Teams or through our API.


We believe that smart technology allows people around the globe to be more productive and flexible at work. It promotes healthy growth and fun. That is why we come up with software solutions that put a smile on your face. Simple, affordable and more insight and control: our solutions eliminate middle managers and administrative functions. Enjoy the Meetroo way of working!

Meetroo. Work happy, live happy!

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Lower price

The collaboration between Meetroo and its partners is based on profit sharing. Most of our services generate a 30% to 50% profit margin. This allows you to purchase packages for a much lower price than you are used to.

Creating a solution together

Meetroo products focus amongst others on finance, HR and sales solutions; standard solutions, which are easily accessible in any company. Every company is unique, that’s why we always look for solutions that fit our client’s expertise best.

Customer service

As a partner of Meetroo you will be the first in line to contact your client. Meetroo is available for backup support.



Profits for partners


  • A unique opportunity for recurring revenues, to enlarge your customer portfolio and make more money
  • Customer lifetime revenue
  • Improvement of your competitive position by selling real end-to-end solutions instead of single-point solutions
  • No investments are needed and there is a quick go-to-market
  • Standard products, including product updates and support
  • Fast implementation (< 1 day) based on Office 365 and SharePoint Online


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