Power Platform Factory 

We help our partners quickly deliver Microsoft Power Platform solutions. This allows the partner to focus on business needs, project management and user adoption, while we focus on using the right capabilities of PowerApps, Flow, Power BI and leveraging connectors. Our team does some serious 'Power Clicking' due to actively training their index fingers.

Power Platform Templates

Based on our extended experience we create bundled collections of pre-build PowerApps and Flows. 

Most solutions focus on smooth collaboration between departments and thereby helping organisations to work without middle managers and administrative overhead. A good example is the process of hiring a new colleague, which can create a cross department workload. It’s hard to keep an overview of who is doing what, which can easily lead to mistakes.

Our solutions are simple: one digital service desk per department, quickly accessible from our Entree product or from an existing intranet. A user fill in one form and with a single action you can initiate the process. Manages can check an approve the input, the people involved are informed  and the workflow distributes the required work actions.

Agile and transparant Business processes lead to more engaged and productive employees.

Meetroo: Work happy!