Can you keep up?

In a time where 'change is the only constant' and we keep struggling to keep up with the “next big thing in technology”, it can be hard to keep track. Understanding the continuously changing corresponding jargon can be a challenge, even Wikipedia pages are full of the jargon.

This inspired Jigsaw to start the Analogue analogies project, which later changed to Sideways dictionary. Sideways dictionary, “technology explained simply”, is a dictionary that makes use of analogies to explain complicated theories. And just like Wikipedia, users are invited to assess the analogies and add their own. Nick Ashbury talks about making technology understandable and the value of good analogy.

Accessibility is also the focus of Matt wade, who aims to inspire others to be more productive by helping them make a better use of Office 365. “Office 365 is wrongly chosen as a name. Office 365 is actually windows in the cloud, instead of office in the cloud.” He has set up an Office 365 periodic system to explain the logic of office tools. In this blog from Hyperfish he talks about the creation of this infographic and explains the elements.  

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