Meetroo Entree

One place for all information that employees use on a daily basis

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Meetroo Teams

Substitutes the file server and supports collaboration around internal processes

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Meetroo Projects

Allow employees to work together on projects effortlessly

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Meetroo changes your way of working

We provide the best Employee Workplace and Customer Portals for Office 365, delivered by Microsoft Partners. Our products provide partners with integrated customer support and unique upsell capabilities.

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Business Automation

Smooth collaboration between various departments

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Productivity Solutions

Support employees in their daily work

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Laatste blog items




Microsoft launches new product: Microsoft Teams

Screenshot were already leaked, but last Wednesday Microsoft Teams was finally officially launched. This new online service within Office 365 has as purpose to make the coöperation between groups superior. Microsoft Teams is founded on Office 365 Groups and offers integration of the most important Office 365 products where a conversation (chat) timeline becomes the centre. The timeline is a further development on the Skype Web Cliënt and makes it possible to integrate several (chat)bots in the conversation. Tabs can also be made to use Microsoft and 3rd Party products directly.



More SharePoint myths debunked

“SharePoint? Not our cup of tea”, some companies are convinced that SharePoint isn’t the right tool for them. That’s a pity, especially for small businesses. They can really benefit from working with SharePoint. When your business is growing you face mature information management, here SharePoint is indispensable. As an SME you don’t want to waste hours on inefficient work. You should use limited resources as smart as possible. That’s why I want to debunk some persistent prejudices about SharePoint.



Three SharePoint myths debunked

Microsoft is very good at marketing their products. Their product applications receive extensive media coverage. But when functionalities change, Microsoft hardly communicates. That’s why a large part of the world isn’t aware of these changes. Especially when old Power Points and product overviews still roam the Internet. This is very confusing and harmful for Microsoft’s reputation. Often Microsoft partners feel obliged to explain this new situation to their customers. In this blog post I will focus on three existing myths about SharePoint.

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